Unscheduled Programs

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Sponsor Speaker Description
Gerald Kurlander Gabriel Rosenberg,M.D. -- Grad. I.U, Director of Pediatrics Methodist Hospital. A New Approach to Treatment of Addiction: (Sub: 4/12/2017) Self Explanatory. Addiction treated by I. V. infusions. Anecdotal data is positive.
Ken Pendleton Bill Elliott -- Our member, Bill Elliott, told me all about how he and his wife 'cut the cord' to Comcast. It took several services to replace Comcast, and he explained each of their choices. This was during the bus ride home from Columbus, IN on our recent trip... Cut your cable? The whys, and the hows, and what you can do to replace some of the content.: (Sub: 10/2/2017) Perhaps we could augment Bill's personal account (above) of the process with a speaker from Fry's??? We might ask at an upcoming meeting for people who have recently cut the cable to raise their hands, and select a few to add their comments. And, we could ask to see the hands of those who would like a program on this subject! (Speaker Comments: I just endured several months of trying to get Comcast to fix a problem, not of my making, with their service which had consumed many hours of my time--until I sent in a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission. Now, I'm paying $50 less per month...)
Kurt Williams Kurt Williams -- Kurt Williams Deputy Director / COO Link Observatory Space Science Institute or Greg McCauley Executive Director / CEO Link Observatory Space Science Institute Space and Space Exploration: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 10/2/2017) Some of the latest and greatest developments in space exploration. (Speaker Comments: I would like to offer an open program to fill in as needed. I live 10 minutes away and can be up and running within 30 minutes of a call. If you have a speaker cancel or are unable to fill an open date with a speaker, we will present a program engaging for the members. We create new programs each month, so we always have a program available that can be presented on short notice. We have presented may times to the club already, so we are familiar with the protocols and program requirements.)


Sponsor Description
Jim Bettner Tour of the Rolls-Royce/Allison Heritage Museum : (Sub: 7/24/2017) The Rolls-Royce/Allison Heritage Museum has moved to a downtown Meridian street location. The tour will consist of a brief lecture on the History of the Allison/Rolls-Royce relationship with a tour of several of the current and past history of gas turbine engine products on display in the museum.