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Alison Brown Yan Liu, Ph.D. -- Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology St. Baldrick’s Foundation Scholar Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research Department of Pediatrics Targeting PRL2 in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia: (Sub: 4/3/2018) The aggressive and unpredictable behavior of relapsed T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) presents a major clinical challenge, as relapsed disease continues to have a dismal prognosis in children despite advances in the treatment of primary T-ALL. Therefore, a detailed knowledge of the molecular and genetic changes that contribute to T-ALL relapse is urgently needed to design novel target therapies and improve leukemia treatment. We found that PRL2 phosphatase is highly expressed in some human T-ALL cell lines and inhibiting PRL2 activity with a PRL2-specific inhibitor decreases the proliferation and survival of these T-ALL cells. Furthermore, we discovered that PRL2 is important for oncogenic Notch-mediated T-ALL in vivo. We hypothesize that PRL2 is a novel therapeutic target in human T-ALL. We will determine the effect of genetic or pharmacologic inhibition of PRL2 on T-ALL cells and identify the mechanisms by which PRL2 contributes to the pathogenesis of T-ALL. This proposal seeks to validate and pharmacologically modulate new T-ALL targets with an eye toward clinical translation. Our study will provide novel insight into the role of a still poorly understood class of phosphatase (PRLs) in human T-ALL and facilitate the development of PRL2 inhibitors that are useful for treating pediatric T-ALL.
Greg Wright Greg Wright -- Certified Fraud Examiner & Certified Financial Planner. Greg investigates white-collar crimes for a national private investigator, local CPAs, and lawyers. Benford's Law helps identify fraudsters: (Sub: 4/3/2018) There are no straight lines in nature; however, man thinks in straight lines. When embezzlers invent numbers to falsify accounting data, Benford's Law helps identify the fraud. The presentation will include using Benford's Law on a Madoff's investment fund, Tim Durham, the Iranian 2009 election, and the Marion County Jail Cash Disbursements account.
William Dick William Dick -- Club Historian Scientech Club Why We Sleep: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 4/25/2018) Sleep is necessary for good health. Elaborate brain processing is made while we are asleep. One only needs to learn what happens with sleep deprivation to understand how important adequate sleep is.
Malcolm Mallette Laura A.. Karcher -- Laura A. Karcher, M.A., CCC-SLP, CBIS Indiana University Speech and Hearing Sciences Clinical Professor and Speech-Language Clinic Director Ageing with Grace: (Sub: 5/4/2018) Between 2015 and 2030, the number of people in the world aged 60 years or over is expected to increase by 56 percent, and by 2050, the global population of older persons is projected to reach nearly 2.1 billion. This session will discuss the joys and challenges of the aging process with an emphasis on communication and cognition. We will explore whether or not we can affect the trajectory of aging and discuss strategies to help lessen the impact of disease in order to “age with grace.”
Jerry Williams David Becker -- BA Depauw University, current Trustee, founder and CEO of The First Internet Bank of Indiana that opened for business in 1999. starting and building an internet based bank, or a mouse that survived and thrived in an elephant herd: (Sub: 5/6/2018) David Becker opened The First Internet Bank in 1999, after a successful career in the high tech field. The bank opened at the peek of the "dot com" bubble, survived its crash and attracted deposit customers from all 50 states with its attractive deposit rates and efficient operations. It has grown rapidly over the past few years with assets today in excess of $3 Billion.
Gonz Chua Gonz Chua -- Gonz Chua, MD Scientech Member Life Under Japanese Occupation: (Sub: 5/8/2018) The Talk will be life of Filipinos and Chinese who were conquered by the Forces of Japanese Empire in 1941 to 1945.
Dr. Alan D. Schmidt Ramon Dunkin -- Ramon Dunkin serves on the board of the Indiana chapter of Compassion and Choices and seeks opportunities for presenters to interested organizations. He feels Scientech club members likely would be interested in learning more about the subject and states they have excellent speakers available. Medically Assisted Dying: (Sub: 5/13/2018) Nationwide "Medically Assisted Dying" is becoming more acceptable as a concept, but many misconceptions and disinformation persist. Compassion and Choices is a national organization dedicated to enhancing end of life care, including medically assisted dying.