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Sponsor Speaker Description
Shivaji Gunale Armani Gasparian -- He has experience in business and finance. Works as a consultant to Dept of State do US government. Deals with international relations. Also is a consultant to Government of Armenia. Has extensive experience in speaking to various groups. If you are interested, please let me know. I need to let him know that club is interested. Effective and behavioral communication.: (Sub: 7/23/2018)
Robert Yee Dorothy Pratt -- Prof. of History - Emeritus, Notre Dame Univ., Univ. South Carolina. Previous Scientech Club talks about Pandemic of 1918 and Mississippi Constitutional Convention Amish of Shipshewanna: Keeping Identity and Boundaries: (Sub: 8/5/2018) Author of "Shipshewanna: An Indiana Amish Community, Prof. Pratt describes the origins and challenges faced by the Amish communities of northern Indiana. She describes the schism among anabaptists and the effects of the Great Depression, conscription, the world wars and compulsory education and technology on Indiana's Amish.
William H. Dick William H. Dick -- Scientech Club Historian Butler University & Hinkle Fieldhouse: (Emergency Use ONLY)(Sub: 8/6/2018) Butler University is a distinguished University in Indianapolis. Hinkle Fieldhouse is a historic fieldhouse where Butler plays its home games. It was the largest basketball arena in the U.S. from 1928-1950.