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Rich Schreiner Chris Mize -- Historian, James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home James Whitcomb Riley--Hoosier Poet: (Sub: 6/15/2015) At the time of his death James Whitcomb Riley was one of the best known and loved poets in America. Until recently Indiana school kids grew up learning Riley poetry in school. Before he was a successful poet he was a sign painter and a travelling salesman for two patent medicine companies. Fortunately, when he died some his influential friends acquired the home he lived in the last twenty years of his life. Although virtually everyone knows his name, few Hoosiers are familiar with his very interesting life.
Steve Springer John Zehner -- Dr of Pharmacy, specializing in Nuclear Pharmacy Production of Nuclear Medicines: (Sub: 9/16/2015) Attributes and uses of nuclear medicines. Uses for diagnosis and treatment. How they are produced and distributed to the radiologist and hospitals.
Russell judd Franklin college president -- President Education: (Sub: 10/29/2015)
Carl Holl Dave Arland -- see his web site arlandcom.com Dave "The Gadget Guy" To Discuss "FBI vs Apple & Other Tech Topics!": (Sub: 3/4/2016) I heard him yesterday at Sertoma club along with two other Scientech members. An animated speaker, he discussed items at the recent Las Vegas electronics show as well as aspects of FBI vs Apple issue. He said he thought he had spoken to Scientech downtown years ago. (Speaker Comments: I said I'd get back to him about scheduling.)
Bill Stanley Mark Zelonis -- Recently retired Ruth Lilly Deputy Director of Environmental & Historic Preservation at the Indianapolis Museum of Art IMA's 100 Acres - THe Virginia Fairbanks Art and Nature Park: (Sub: 3/10/2017) This talk will cover the conceptional plan and construction of the Nature Park including many pictures of various exhibits in the Park.
Gerald Kurlander Gabriel Rosenberg,M.D. -- Grad. I.U, Director of Pediatrics Methodist Hospital. A New Approach to Treatment of Addiction: (Sub: 4/12/2017) Self Explanatory. Addiction treated by I. V. infusions. Anecdotal data is positive.
Marty Meisenheimer Jeff Rasley -- Rasley is the Club's VP and board member of the Scientech Foundation. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago, Phi Beta Kappa; IU Law School, Law Review & Moot Court, and Christian Theological Seminary, co-valedictorian. The Influence of Social Media on Hyper-Polarization and Incivility in the US : (Sub: 8/8/2017) The talk and power point will describe, using statistical survey results and expert testimony, the increasing polarization in US politics and culture and why it is harmful to democratic institutions and traditional values. The influence of social media on the trend of increasing incivility and "siloing" will be discussed. What can be done to try to reverse these trends will be explained in light of an experiment Rasley conducted in Facebook and research conducted for his tenth book, Polarization! The Case for Civility in the Time of Trump. (Speaker Comments: The talk touches on politics, but is not political.)
Joline Ohmart Mark Newman -- He is the Executive Director of the Indiana Office of Tour Development. Touring Indiana: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 8/14/2017) His talk is about the many tourist destinations in the state. Many of them are not well known, but very interesting. He has an excellent slide presentation. (Speaker Comments: He spoke at my Sertoma Club. It was well received.)
David Knoll Greg Wright -- Greg Wright Certified Fruad Examiner MBA, CFE, CFP, CLU, ChFC More on his web site: http://www.cfegreg.com Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft and Fraud: (Sub: 8/14/2017) An insurance agent stole 3,000 Identities of Hamilton County residents. Greg tracked this fraudster from youth, to the fraud, to discovery, to prison and his post-prison life. Greg interviewed the fraudster while in prison, after his release from prison, his victims, the law enforcement officers that tracked him down, and his former wife. From this case study and the latest information, learn how to protect you and your business from financial identity theft and the latest - synthetic identity theft. (Speaker Comments: October 9 appears to be available on the Scientech program calendar, and Greg's teaching duties at Ball State are on hiatus on October 9. It looks like a natural fit. I've heard a couple of his presentations. They are quite interesting.)


Sponsor Description
John Rathman Tour of the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust, Allison Branch (RRABHT) Aviation Museum.: (Sub: 10/3/2015) A tour of the Allison Branch, Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust Museum is proposed. The museum displays a collection of historic military and civil aircraft engines. Admission: No charge Location: 2601 West Raymond Street in Indianapolis Travel Mode: individual cars to venue site Tour Length: 1 to 2 hours Lunch: not included; several nearby restaurants Tour Size Limit: no more than 50 Time: Suggest 10 AM to noon, then drive to nearby restaurant for lunch
Jim Bettner Tour of the Rolls-Royce/Allison Heritage Museum : (Sub: 7/24/2017) The Rolls-Royce/Allison Heritage museum has moved to a downtown Meridian street location. The tour will consist of a brief lecture on the History of the Allison/Rolls-Royce relationship with a tour of several of the current and past history of gas turbine engine products on display in the museum.