Unscheduled Programs

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Sponsor Speaker Description
Steve Springer John Zehner -- Dr of Pharmacy, specializing in Nuclear Pharmacy Production of Nuclear Medicines: (Sub: 9/16/2015) Attributes and uses of nuclear medicines. Uses for diagnosis and treatment. How they are produced and distributed to the radiologist and hospitals.
Kurt Williams Kurt Williams -- Kurt Williams Deputy Director / COO Link Observatory Space Science Institute or Greg McCauley Executive Director / CEO Link Observatory Space Science Institute Space and Space Exploration: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 10/2/2017) Some of the latest and greatest developments in space exploration. (Speaker Comments: I would like to offer an open program to fill in as needed. I live 10 minutes away and can be up and running within 30 minutes of a call. If you have a speaker cancel or are unable to fill an open date with a speaker, we will present a program engaging for the members. We create new programs each month, so we always have a program available that can be presented on short notice. We have presented may times to the club already, so we are familiar with the protocols and program requirements.)
Thomas Lauer Thomas Lauer -- PhD Purdue University George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Biology Emeritus - Ball State University Aquatic Habitat: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 2/19/2018) A brief explanation of "Habitat" will be followed by an empirical evaluation of fish in Eagle Creek Reservoir. This study demonstrated that specific habitats are required for individual species. Moreover, the results of this study can be easily applied to all habitat types and organisms in our environment. The study is but one of many studies that show how fragile, yet important, our natural world can be.
David Bash Dr Ben Copeland MD -- Dr Copeland is a practicing otorhinolaryngologist in Indianapolis who specializes in cochlear implant treatment of deafness. Hearing loss and cochlear implant treatment: (Sub: 2/20/2018) Dr Copeland will describe the magnitude of hearing loss and its treatment with cochlear implant technology