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3/26/2018 --- Deficiency of plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) Problems and Promises of a Genetic Mutation

Speaker: Dr. Sweta Gupta --- Dr. Gupta graduated from the Baroda Medical College, Gujarat, India in 1999. She works in Indianapolis, IN and specializes in Hematology/Oncology and Pediatric Hematology-Oncology. Dr. Gupta is affiliated with IU Health North Hospital, Riley Hospital For Children At Indiana University Health and St Vincent Indianapolis Hospital & Heart Center. Also the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center where she was the local PI on the Amish Genetic Mutation study of PAI-1 (Email: (Sponsored By: Alison Brown)

In this talk Dr. Gupta would like to focus on the 1. carriers (individuals with one changed gene) of PA1-1 deficiency who have no bleeding symptoms but have been shown through this research study to have an advantage over the normal individuals in terms of longevity, lower rate of type 2 diabetes and an improved metabolic/ cardiovascular profile. 2. Affected (individuals with two copies of the changed gene) with complete PAI-1 deficiency who have the bleeding disorder and were shown through this research study to have cardiac fibrosis (scarring of the heart).

4/2/2018 --- The Future of Math and Science Education

Speaker: Chris Edwards --- Chris is the Director of the Scientech Summer Institute. He has a Ph.D in Teacher Leadership from Walden University and a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Indianapolis. (Email: (Sponsored By: Jeff Rasley)

Skeptic Magazine is publishing an article by Chris Edwards, "Updating the Software and Hardware for Educational Practice: A Way Forward for Math and Science Education." The article critiques shortcomings in the training of teachers and the delivery of secondary education and describes an innovative new concept of teacher professional development. For the last three years Scientech has financially supported the Summer Institute, which brings secondary teachers (7-12) together with college professors for the purpose of studying math and science content. The Summer Institute for is now partially funded through the state budget. Chris has served as the programs director and his article describes how the Summer Institute fits into the method of professional development Chris advocates in the Skeptic article.

4/3/2018 --- Board meeting

4/9/2018 --- Theft of $450,000, a nickle at a time.

Speaker: Greg Wright --- Certified Fraud Examiner (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

How a large sum of money was stolen in small denominations in the absence of adequate controls.This is a true case study of Juanita Hoagland who was found guilty of the largest theft ever discovered by the Indiana Board of Accounts. The money taken was from late book fees at the Indianapolis Public Library.

4/16/2018 --- Cut your cable? The whys, and the hows, and what you can do to replace some of the content.

Speaker: Bill Elliott --- Our member, Bill Elliott, told me all about how he and his wife 'cut the cord' to Comcast. It took several services to replace Comcast, and he explained each of their choices. This was during the bus ride home from Columbus, IN on our recent trip... (Sponsored By: Ken Pendleton)

Perhaps we could augment Bill's personal account (above) of the process with a speaker from Fry's??? We might ask at an upcoming meeting for people who have recently cut the cable to raise their hands, and select a few to add their comments. And, we could ask to see the hands of those who would like a program on this subject!

4/23/2018 --- A Return to Iwo Jima

Speaker: James Baize --- BSME Northwestern,BSNE Purdue (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

On February 19, 1945 the bloodiest battle in the Pacific theater of WWII began. Jim is a survivor of that struggle.

4/30/2018 --- Nikola Tesla

Speaker: Richard Gunderman --- I.Prof. Radiology plus (Email: (Sponsored By: Gerald Kurlander)

He wrote a recent article on Tesla with excellent pictures in the Smithsonian. This is a look at the man who made the modern world possible by the introduction of alternating current.

5/1/2018 --- Board meeting

5/7/2018 --- Lincoln; his views about death,ghosts and seances

Speaker: Brian Dirck --- Professor of History Anderson University (Email: (Sponsored By: Russell Judd)

Mr Dirck has written several books about Lincoln and the Civil War

5/14/2018 --- How our brains learn, develop, and respond to adversity

Speaker: Dr. Lori Desautels --- Dr. Desautels is an Assistant Professor at Butler University. She works with schools to help educators understand brain development and the response to stress. "She is the author of two books: "How May I Serve You" and "Unwritten the Story McKnight". (Email: (Sponsored By: Dr. Alan D. Schmidt)

Dr. Lori Desautels will describe how children and adolescents address these issues through the discipline of neuroscience.

5/21/2018 --- Jenny's Allure

Speaker: Ruth Ann Ingraham --- Scientech member, Published author: Swimming with Frogs: Life in the Brown County Hills - 2005 'Cap' Cornish, Indiana Pilot: Navigating the Century of Flight - 2014 Founder - Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society, 1993 (Email: (Sponsored By: Ruth Ann Ingraham)

This talk is biographical. My father, Clarence Cornish, became a pilot during World War I. He first soloed on May 27, 1918, at Park Field, Tennessee. I will give an overview of his role in aviation both regionally and nationally with a focus on his experience during the war to end all wars.

5/28/2018 --- Memorial Day-No Meeting

6/4/2018 --- TOUR--- Tour of Stark Neurosciences Research Institute at IU School of Medicine

Contact: Dr. Bruce Lamb --- (Email: (Sponsored By: Jim Bettner and Ken Crook)

This would be a follow-up to Dr. Bruce Lamb's presentation to the Club on October 30, 2017, re current Alzheimer's disease research . The tour would involve visits to some of the research laboratories at Stark Neurosciences Research Institute, and would highlight some of the research and diagnostic tools, such as advanced imaging capabilities, to which Dr. Lamb referred in his talk. The tour could accommodate up to 40 people, who would be divided into smaller groups. The logistics of travel should be manageable since the Institute is located just north of downtown Indy at 320 West 15th Street. There is a parking garage there, and tour participants could drive there individually, but depending on the level of interest the Club may want to arrange bus transportation from the northside. There would be no cost for the tour, and lunch would not be included. The tour would likely take no longer than 1 1/2 to 2 hours, but the specifics would need to be determined by Stark.

6/5/2018 --- Board meeting

6/11/2018 --- Pictures at an Exhibition

Speaker: Robert Pascuzzi MD --- Professor & Chair- Dept. of Neurology at Indiana University School of Medicine. (Email: (Sponsored By: Karen Bumb )

Famous musicians & composers are in a way like close friends. They have used the most uniquely human brain functions to create, express and share their ideas & feelings. The convergence of their neurological disorders, brain function & music provides us with a gallery of stories that both entertain & inform. From Ravel to Rachmaninoff, from Guthrie to Gershwin...these tales & others will be shared from the perspective of a clinical neurologist.

6/18/2018 --- "Road Map to Racism" - Making of 1890 Mississippi Constitution

Speaker: Dorothy Overstreet Pratt --- Professor of History - Emeritus, University of Notre Dame and University of South Carolina; author "Sowing The Wind - The Mississippi Constitutional Convention of of 1890" and "Shipshewana: An Indiana Amish Coommunity" (Email: (Sponsored By: Robert Yee)

Suffering from economic calamity of the Civil War and Reconstruction, white Mississippians call a constitutional convention to protect themselves from Federal control and the threat of African American power. Elite, white plantation owners and poor white farmers agree to disenfranchise African Americans, but battle among themselves for political power. What they create is a model for racist constitutions of Southern States and legalization of "Jim Crow".

6/25/2018 --- Indiana's Central State Hospital

Speaker: Chuck Hazelrigg --- Dr. Chuck Hazelrigg is a graduate of Butler University in pharmacy and pediatric dentistry. He collects vintage Indiana postcards of small towns, drug stores, sanitariums, asylums and even prisons. Chuck, who lives in Carmel, presented the history of Hook's Drug Stores to a Scientech meeting in 2014. He also does history presentations about the former Central State Hospital in Indianapolis, where he was the in-house dentist for many years. (Email: (Sponsored By: Robert Yee)

A power point pictorial history of Indiana's first Insane Asylum will be presented by Chuck Hazelrigg, R.Ph., D.D.S. and former employee of the hospital. He will place emphasis on the opening of the institution in November of 1848 and the three major buildings, viz. Department for Men, Department for Women and the Sick Hospital. He will show numerous pictures of the interior and exterior of these buildings. In addition, his presentation will show the medical staff personnel as well as two superintendents of the hospital, Drs. George Edenharter and Max Bahr who served a combined total of 58 years in the position of superintendent.

7/3/2018 --- Board meeting

8/7/2018 --- Board meeting

8/13/2018 --- Pharmaceuticals in Indiana Freshwaters

Speaker: Melody Bernot, PhD --- Associate Professor Department of Biology Ball State University Muncie, IN 47306 (Sponsored By: Thomas Lauer)

Prescription and over the counter pharmaceuticals have been measured in Indiana streams and rivers and their abundance and factors controlling concentrations will be discussed. Additionally, the potential for these emerging contaminants to have adverse effects on aquatic ecosystems and water resources was assessed experimentally and will be described.

9/3/2018 --- Labor Day-No Meeting

9/4/2018 --- Board meeting

9/10/2018 --- Hearing loss and cochlear implant treatment

Speaker: Dr Ben Copeland MD --- Dr Copeland is a practicing otorhinolaryngologist in Indianapolis who specializes in cochlear implant treatment of deafness. (Sponsored By: David Bash)

Dr Copeland will describe the magnitude of hearing loss and its treatment with cochlear implant technology

9/17/2018 --- Production of Nuclear Medicines

Speaker: John Zehner --- Dr of Pharmacy, specializing in Nuclear Pharmacy (Sponsored By: Steve Springer)

Attributes and uses of nuclear medicines. Uses for diagnosis and treatment. How they are produced and distributed to the radiologist and hospitals.

9/24/2018 --- Genetically Modified Plants: Marvel or Malady

Speaker: Peter Goldsbrough --- Peter Goldsbrough has been a professor of plant biology at Purdue University for more than 30 years. During his time at Purdue GMOs have developed from a scientific breakthrough to an im- portant tool for crop improvement. He has taught an undergraduate class on agricultural biotechnology for more than 20 years. (Email: (Sponsored By: Karen Bumb)

Genetically modified organisms have been one of the most controversial topics in food and agriculture over the last twenty years. This presentation will discuss how GMOs are made and used, compare these methods to others that are used to develop new varieties, and present the case for why these and other new methods of genetic modification are important for the future.

10/1/2018 --- Aquatic Habitat: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

Speaker: Thomas Lauer --- PhD Purdue University George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Biology Emeritus - Ball State University (Email: (Sponsored By: Thomas Lauer)

A brief explanation of "Habitat" will be followed by an empirical evaluation of fish in Eagle Creek Reservoir. This study demonstrated that specific habitats are required for individual species. Moreover, the results of this study can be easily applied to all habitat types and organisms in our environment. The study is but one of many studies that show how fragile, yet important, our natural world can be.