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3/25/2019 --- Aging, Cognition, & Memory

Speaker: Dr. Charles Morris --- 1962 B.S. Denison University 1966 M.A. University of Missouri (Psychology) 1968 Ph.D University of Missouri (Psychology) 1969-1999 Assistant, Associate, & Full Professor, Denison University 1991-1999 Provost, Denison University Teaching Experience Introductory Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Memory & Cognition, Genetics & Behavior Research Papers Animal research on Learning, Applying Learning Principles to Teaching, The Validity of the FCAT (Florida) and ISTEP (Indiana) Tests, Aging & Memory, The Search for a Satisfying & Meaningful Life in Retirement (Email: (Sponsored By: Glenn Jay Bingle MD PhD MACP)

Cognition changes as we age, especially memory. I focus on normal aging, and the quality of life is my major concern. I can offer suggestions for dealing with common memory lapses.

4/1/2019 --- Ecological Restoration as a strategy for conserving imperiled butterfly communities.

Speaker: John Shuey --- Director of Conservation Science Indiana Office of The Nature Conservancy (Email: (Sponsored By: David Culp)

Dr. Shuey will give an overview of his work with strategies to restore endangered butterfly communities by understanding insect ecology, patch dynamics, restoration ecology and conservation strategy.

4/8/2019 --- Enigmatic Earthworks, Witch-Hunts, and the People from the Dawn: Indigenous History in East-Central Indiana

Speaker: Chris Flook --- President of the Delaware County Historical Society and a Lecturer of Telecommunications at Ball State University. In 2015, he published Native Americans of East-Central Indiana, a history of the native groups along the White River. (Email: (Sponsored By: Alison Brown)

The Indigenous history of east-central Indiana stretches back thousands of years. From the earthworks and mounds of the pre-contact native groups to the arrival of the post-contact Lenape, Miami, and Shawnee – the human history along West Fork of the White River in Indiana is ancient. However, more often than not, the indigenous experience is pushed into the background of Indiana’s Euro-American history. The resulting public deficiency in knowledge has yielded a profound ignorance of Native American history, culture, and experience. This session explores the archaeological record, recorded history, and oral traditions of those who inhabited this land before the first European ever set foot on the continent.

4/9/2019 --- Board Meeting

4/15/2019 --- TOUR--- IDNR Fish Hatchery, Martinsville, IN

Contact: Jeff Moritz --- (Sponsored By: James Bettner)

Tour of the fish hatchery.

4/22/2019 --- Have you inherited a Hereditary Cancer Syndrome?

Speaker: Glenn J. Bingle, MD, PhD --- Member: Full Professor of Genetics at Indiana University School of Medicine, Director of the Department of Genetics at Community Hospital of Indianapolis. Dr. Bingle is board certified in internal medicine and geriatrics. (Email: (Sponsored By: Hank Wolfla)

Describe the underlying basis of the genetics of cancer. Determine if your family history of cancer puts you and your family at a high risk of a Hereditary Cancer Syndrome.


Speaker: GREG WRIGHT --- President, Assoc. Certified Fraud Examiners, Central Indiana Chapter (Email: (Sponsored By: GREG WRIGHT)

The Southwestern (Anasazi Confederation) and Mississippian (Moundbuilders) cultures came to an end in about 1300 A.D. Chaco Canyon was abandoned by the Anasazi. In today's Illinois (five miles east of St Louis), what had been a North American city larger than any in Europe at that time was abandoned by 1350. Climate change was only part of the cause. Yes, this happened over a century before Columbus. Greg, who is part American Indian, believes that these cultures collapsed because they had a very high Gini coefficient.

5/6/2019 --- Deep Learning Explained: The Future of Smart Networks

Speaker: Melanie Swan --- Deep Learning Explained: The Future of Smart Networks Technology theorist in the Purdue University Philosophy Dept. (Email: (Sponsored By: Dr. Alan D. Schmidt )

This talk provides an overview of emerging AI technology, deep learning neural networks. Deep learning is a branch of computer science focused on machine learning algorithms that model and make predictions about data. This is a new class of information technology by replacing hard coded software with a capacity to learn and execute tasks. Deep learning smart networks might comprise a global computational infrastructure using real time data.

5/7/2019 --- Board meeting

5/13/2019 --- Marian University STEM Summer Camps

Speaker: Janice Hicks Slaughter --- Director of Partnerships and Outreach for the Klipsch Educators College at Marian University,Janice has an MPA from Indiana University and a BA from Tennessee State University as well as many related professional development experiences. (Email: (Sponsored By: Jeff Rasley)

An overview of the purpose, goals, and description of Marian University STEM Summer Camps. The presentation will include examples of the variety of ways campers have STEM experiences that are challenging and often beyond those offered in traditional classrooms, aligned with the Indiana Academic Standards, and fun too! Opportunities for “experts in the field” to be involved with STEM Camps will also be discussed.

5/20/2019 --- Allison Rolls- Royce: A Century in Indianapolis

Speaker: Phillip Cagle --- President Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust, Allison Branch (Email: (Sponsored By: John Rathman)

When Phil retired from Rolls-Royce he was the engineering executive in charge of all design, analysis, and drafting of all Allison/Rolls-Royce products made here. He participated in the design of the engine that powers V-22 Osprey and several other aircraft.

5/27/2019 --- Memorial Day-No Meeting

6/3/2019 --- Why Is That So Funny? - Insights into aspects of Jewish humor

Speaker: Dick Wolfsie --- Dick is a well-known Indianapolis television personality, humor columnist, and author. (Email: (Sponsored By: Gerald Keener)

Dick is not only a humorist who can tell a funny story, but a student of humor. He will use examples to illustrate facets of Jewish wit that issue uniquely from Judaic culture and history and yet resonate broadly across ethnic bounds.

6/4/2019 --- Board meeting

6/10/2019 --- 1953 Summit of Mt. Everest and the 2003 50th Anniversary Celebration in Nepal

Speaker: Jeff Rasley --- 2018 President of Scientech Club and participant in the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the first summit of Mt. Everest (Email: (Sponsored By: Jeff Rasley)

Mt. Everest was successfully climbed the first time in 1953 by Ed Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. In 2003 during a civil war in Nepal the King and the Hillary Foundation invited Himalayan climbers to the "highest part in the world" to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. Rasley trekked with Hillary's extended family on the Mt. Everest Base Camp Trail and witnessed the festivities. Photos will be shown.

6/17/2019 --- Sexuality and Aging: Embracing Change

Speaker: William Yarber --- Doctorate in Health Education, Indiana University Senior Scientist, The Kinsey Institute Provost Professor, School of Public Health Senior Director, Rural center for AIDS/STD Prevention (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

Sexuality is with us from the moment of birth to the moment of death. We can deny it or deflect it, we can pretend it something other than what it is, we can do all sorts of things regarding our sexuality. The only thing that we can't do is get rid of it.

6/24/2019 --- TOUR--- Tour of REMC Electric Power Generating Station, Mermom, In

Contact: Lisa Hendrickson --- (Email: Tel:812-876-2021) (Sponsored By: Jim Bettner)

7/1/2019 --- Creating STEM Opportunities for Members of Girls Inc.

Speaker: Madeline Smith --- Vice President of Development & Public RElations, Girls Inc of Greater Indianapolis (Email: (Sponsored By: Jeff Rasley)

Experience in creating opportunities for members of Girl's Inc.

7/8/2019 --- Landing on the Moon, the Voyage of Apollo XI

Speaker: Greg McCauley --- Director and CEO of the Link Observatory (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

The story of Neil Armstrong's landing on the moon.

7/9/2019 --- Board meeting

7/15/2019 --- 50 Years Since The Moon Landing

Speaker: --- Dr. Chris Edwards teaches AP World History and English at a public school in central Indiana. He is the author of several articles and books on the topic of science and the history of science. His most recent publication is All About the Moon Landing (Blue River Press), which is a non-fiction work for young adults (or anyone interested in the topic). (Email: Chris Edwards) (Sponsored By: Jeff Rasley)

July 20, 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. This anniversary provides an excellent opportunity to reflect upon the history and science of this major historical event. The "space race" took place at a time when both the Soviet Union and the United States discovered the power of thermonuclear bombs at the same time that both were developing rockets that could launch those bombs for long distances . The ability to fire rockets a long way suddenly became one of the most important factors in international relations. Luckily, the Americans and the Soviets both targeted the moon instead of targeting each other.

7/22/2019 --- National Parks of the United States

Speaker: Bill & Lou Stanley --- Bill - Emeritus member, former Secretary, Program Manager, Web site developer & manager Lou - school teacher, long-time member, previous speaker (Email: (Sponsored By: Bill Stanley)

This talk will cover a short description of the National Park Service and all 60 National Parks followed by a series of images taken in several of the parks

7/29/2019 --- All about Skin Cancer--What's New and What's Important

Speaker: Dr. C. William Hanke,MD,MPH, FACP --- Dr. Hanke is Mohs surgeon with the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Indiana. He is board certified in Dermatology, Dermatopathology, Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. He is associated with Indiana University School of Medicine, as well as The Universities of Iowa and Cincinnati. He has served in leadership positions with numerous medical boards and academies. He has published more than 350 articles, 100 book chapters, 20 books, and given more than 500 lectures. (Email: (Sponsored By: Tom Nicholls)

Dr. Hanke's talk focuses on skin cancers -- prevention, identification, and treatment. Clinical slides will be shown of some common skin cancers, including how they appear under the microscope. Various treatments will be discussed, including Mohs Surgery.

8/5/2019 --- The Search for a Meaningful Life in Retirement

Speaker: Dr. Charles Morris --- 1962 B.S. Denison University 1966 M.A. University of Missouri (Psychology) 1968 Ph.D University of Missouri (Psychology) (Email: (Sponsored By: Glen Jay Bingle, M.D, PhD, MACP)

About one-fourth of retirees struggle. What can we do to create a satisfying and meaningful life in retirement? (Charlie has written a book on this subject)

8/6/2019 --- Board meeting

8/12/2019 --- The Great Scopes Monkey Trial State of Tennessee vs. John Scopes

Speaker: Hal Johnston --- The Great Scopes Monkey Trial, Hal Johnston Lieutenant Colonel (retired)Indianapolis Veterans Court (Email: (Sponsored By: Dr. Alan D. Schmidt, emeritus)

In 1925 the state of Tennessee brought criminal charges against an unknown, young high school teacher named John Scopes. His crime? He taught about the theory of evolution in a high school biology classroom. What began as a minor misdemeanor case captured headlines around the world as two giants of American politics and the law clashed over science and the bible.

8/19/2019 --- 200th anniversary of IU Lecture-James Watson and the structure of DNA

Speaker: Richard Gunderman --- Has done several talks for the club (Email: (Sponsored By: Marvin Miller)

The story of James Watson , who received his PhD. at IU. Watson and Francis Crick first described the molecular structure of DNA in 1953. This discovery laid the foundation for modern molecular biology. He, Crick, & Mauricee Wilkins were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine & Physiology in 1962 for their discoveries.

8/26/2019 --- 10 Most Endangered

Speaker: Suzanne Stanis --- Director of Heritage Education and Information Indiana Landmarks (Email: (Sponsored By: Jeff Rasley)

Every day, all year long, Indiana Landmarks works to revitalize historic structures that give our communities visible connections to their past. Once a year, we announce the 10 Most Endangered, a list of historic places on the brink of extinction and too important to lose. Our 2018 entries include a college campus, an eccentric estate, an unusual barn, a basketball palace, and more. Join us for a review of these along with the fates—positive and negative—of previously listed properties.

9/2/2019 --- Labor Day-no meeting

9/3/2019 --- Board meeting

9/9/2019 --- Medical School 2050

Speaker: Donald Sefcik, DO MBA --- Dean of the College of Osteopathy, Marian University (Email: (Sponsored By: margaret l sabens)

Training physicians-shift from all medical students completing this uniform curricuum to more individualized adaptive learning, knowing this "just in case" to becoming competent and able to apply this "just in time", providing healthcare as the expert to functioning in more interprofessional, collaborative teams.

9/16/2019 --- Purdue University Global- personalized online educational for the working adult

Speaker: Carolyn Nordstrom --- Vice-President for faculty & academic resources, Purdue Global University. She has a n batchlor's in secondary education, a master's degree in counciling psychology, and a PhD in educational administration policy, all from Northwestern University. (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

Purdue University Global is Purdue University's new online university taylored to working adults. The presentation will discuss online student learning.

9/23/2019 --- Scientific Contributions by the Current Nobel Prize Winners in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine

Speaker: Messrs. R.Carter, A.Schmidt, T.Lauer --- (Email: (Refer to Club Roster)) (Sponsored By: Jim Willson)

This will be the third annual presentation of the key scientific contributions of the current Nobel Prize Winners presented by Scientech members who are expert in these fields.

9/30/2019 --- (TBA)

10/7/2019 --- Famous Hoosiers

Speaker: Mickey Maurer --- Attorney, CPA Founder of the National Bank of Indianapolis. Endowed the Maurer School of Law (Email: (Sponsored By: Helmi Banta)

Will discuss famous Hoosiers. He has written a book on this topic.

10/8/2019 --- Board Meeting

10/14/2019 --- The prediction of human physical appearance from DNA

Speaker: Susan Walsh --- Assistant Professor Susan Walsh Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis PhD Forensic Genetics – Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. MS DNA Profiling – University of Central Lancashire, Preston, United Kingdom BS Biochemistry – University College Cork, Ireland (Email: (Sponsored By: Malcolm Mallette)

Forensic DNA Phenotyping (FDP), the prediction of human physical appearance from DNA, has become a fast-growing discipline within forensic genetics due to the intelligence information that can be generated from DNA traces. FDP outcomes can help focus police investigations in search of unknown perpetrators who are generally unidentifiable via comparable short tandem repeat (STR) DNA profiling, i.e., no suspect or DNA database match. Recent research in studying the genes and, more specifically, the variants that are responsible for physical appearance characteristics have made incredible strides in the last few years, particularly in the advancement of eye, hair, and skin color prediction. This presentation is designed to give an overview of several prediction systems, like HIrisPlex-S, including cases where they have been used. Lastly, it will cover current research in the field of predictive biometrics and what is possible with sketching a biological mugshot of an individual from DNA.

10/19/2019 --- ANNUAL DINNER (at Woodstock Club)

10/21/2019 --- (TBA)

10/28/2019 --- (TBA)

11/4/2019 --- (TBA)

11/5/2019 --- Board meeting

11/11/2019 --- Veterans Day Salute

Speaker: New Horizons Swing Band --- Sam Rhinesmith, former North Central High School Department Chair and Director of Bands, along with Warner Paige, President of Paige’s Music, started the New Horizons Band of Indianapolis in 1994. John Marshall, retired Chairman of the Performing Arts Department and Head Band Director of Pike High School, is the current director. The New Horizons Swing Band performing this program is conducted by Al Spangler, retired director of the Speedway High School Band. The New Horizons Swing Band consists of about 20 musicians of about 60 in the New Horizons Concert Band who have a special interest in jazz music. This group performs throughout the year for community festivals, church sponsored activities, retirement facilities, and service organizations. (Sponsored By: George McCord)

The New Horizons Swing Band is pleased to again offer a Veterans Day commemorative program of patriotic service songs and popular “Big Band” era music for the Scientech Club of Indianapolis. Dr. Roy Ernst, Eastman School of Music, started New Horizons Bands about 26 years ago. The aim is expanding music-making opportunities and socially integrated mental stimulation for seniors. New Horizons music groups have now been organized internationally. There are no age restrictions, though most band members are over 50 years of age with some into their 90s. Participation is encouraged for those of any musical expertise, from beginners to professionals.

11/18/2019 --- (TBA)

11/25/2019 --- Science's Greatest Woman: Marie Curie

Speaker: Richard Gunderman --- Richard Gunderman, MD PhD Chancellor's Professor Bicentennial Professor Radiology, Pediatrics, Medical Education Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Philanthropy and Medical Humanities and Health Studies John A Campbell Professor of Radiology Indiana University 702 North Barnhill Drive, Room 1053 Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 317 948 6302 (Email: (Sponsored By: Jerry Kurlander)

Marie's Curie's life offers remarkable insights and inspiration. She won the Nobel Prize twice.

12/2/2019 --- (TBA)

12/3/2019 --- Board meeting

12/9/2019 --- (TBA)

12/16/2019 --- Annual Meeting

12/23/2019 --- No meeting Christmas Holiday

12/30/2019 --- No meeting New Year Holiday